Carroll Shelby Sports Illustrated

1957 Sports Illustrated – Carroll Shelby

ShelbyRacing.com is dedicated to presenting the most comprehensive insight into the racing exploits of Carroll Shelby as his professional racing career evolved from driver in the 1950’s, achieving victory at the prestigious 24 Hours at Le Mans in 1959, to team manager in the 1960’s for Shelby American and Ford.  Along the way, Carroll envisioned and led the effort to develop various different Shelby automobiles including the original Shelby Cobra in 1962 and later, the Shelby G.T.350 and G.T.500 Mustangs powered by Ford.  Carroll also taught Ferrari a lesson or two on the race track.  With their seven G.T. victories and two second place finishes in 1965, Shelby American sponsored and built Cobras took the FIA International Manufacturers’ Championship with a total of 90.3 points.